Pay What It's Worth

Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices

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In 2009, Tara Joyce began a fascinating business experiment. She decided to not set prices for her offerings, and to explore, document, and share the viability of employing this alternative pricing strategy.

What kind of growth could be possible if you didn't set a limit to your value?

For over 5 years, Tara experimented with different approaches, selling both products and services, physical and digital, and developing clear insights into what's needed for a business to sustain and prosper from allowing their customer to determine the value, and price, of what they receive.

Tara calls this sustainable model for not setting prices "Pay What It's Worth" pricing.

Pay What It's Worth

Pay What It's Worth, in 59 pages, will help you understand more about this pricing system, while supporting you in creating an elegant and sturdy framework for implementing it.

If you are looking to disrupt your relationship with money and pricing, this book is for you.

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Beyond innovation in pricing, the book allows you to evaluate, redesign and take responsibility for the systems and economy you find yourself in, while giving you building blocks to create change in the systems around you.

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