By Tara Joyce

Pay What It’s Worth


What kind of growth could be possible if you didn’t set a limit to your business’ value? In Pay What It’s Worth: You Don’t Need to Set a Price on Value, Tara Joyce provides you with an elegant framework for understanding how not setting prices can be a viable strategy for your small business, and guides you in consciously exploring your relationship to money, to other people, and to exchanging value. Imagine… integrity as your most valuable wealth creation tool.

What’s Inside

Valuable Words

Why Pay What It's Worth?



Chapter 1

The Foundations

Chapter 2

Building Your System



Chapter 3

Paying What It’s Worth



Chapter 4

Co-creating Disclosure

Chapter 5

Co-creating Norms

Chapter 6

Co-creating Accountability

Chapter 7

It’s Your Combination




Tara Joyce

I live in Toronto, Canada with my pioneering and waste-loving husband, my hilariously self-assured toddler daughter, and my troublesome canine son. I love to spend time with them, to enjoy a good americano, to take long walks, and to observe the less obvious things within us and around us. I am amazed watching my daughter grow into herself each day changing ever so slightly, growing ever so magnificently.

And I’m fascinated and repelled by the things humans do, the ways we can be, all the stuff we can not bare to look at about ourselves, all that makes us so messy, and nasty, and beautiful. I am so stunned and delighted and crushed and pervasively moved by what we are exposed to. I strive through my writing to tap this point of reference for (hopefully) a greater purpose.


xo Tara

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