A More Empowered Economic Reality

by | Jan 25, 2021

Since Dec 2020, new price tags can be found throughout Amsterdam that include the true and complete costs of the goods being produced and purchased. Amsterdam is becoming a “Doughnut City,” creating an economic reality where businesses and their customers are accountable to the true costs of goods and services being created and purchased.

Similar to the Pay What It’s Worth pricing system, Amsterdam’s approach and the “Doughnut Economics” they’re embracing are examples of people re-examining dated economic theories to help usher us into a more socially empowered 21st century.

Explore the principles behind “Doughnut Economics” more in this Time article: https://time.com/5930093/amsterdam-doughnut-economics

Tara Joyce author

Written by Tara Joyce

Unfulfilled at 26, Tara Joyce left her corporate marketing career to start her own business and to explore how she wanted to be of service. Quickly, she was attracted to the seemingly backwards strategy of not setting a price and to allowing her customers to determine the value of her offering, and to sharing what she learned through her blog, My Innerpreneur. Today, the “Pay What It’s Worth” concept and Tara’s published work support people globally in exploring their own scarcity and fear-based ideas around money, value, and business relationships. Tara lives in Peterborough, Canada with her husband, daughter, and canine son.

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